News from Winneshiek County Secondary Roads Roadside Management

The Winneshiek RVM Technical Committee met to review the progress of the Winneshiek County Secondary Roads Roadside Management program with the Roadside Manager recently. This committee is comprised of residents of Winneshiek County with backgrounds in agriculture, conservation, public safety, education, utilities, government and non-government organizations. This committee assists in outreach, education, guidance based scientific research, public safety input, while furthering stewardship principles that contribute to using best management practices. This committee allows for clarity from the public, while supporting goals of the Roadside Vegetation Management Plan and while abiding to local/state laws and codes.

The Winneshiek County Roadside Manager, along with local plan contributors and Winneshiek RVM Tech Committee recently updated the IRVM plan to accommodate the growth the program has had in it’s first five years. This plan update enhances techniques that fit the needs of Winneshiek Co. rights-of-way, public safety, Iowa Code, and proven vegetation management applications on our landscape.  The purpose of the Winneshiek County IRVM (Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management) Plan is to provide a long-term strategy for managing vegetation in the county owned Right – of – Ways (ROWs). Road corridors that exist in the county are designed to transport people and goods safely and efficiently from one location to another. This plan promotes safer conditions for vehicles, control erosion, limit sedimentation, reduce herbicide use, and develop natural areas for wildlife and roadside beautification