Tax Sale Suspension Notice

  April 1, 2021

To whom this may concern:

This is notice that the Winneshiek County Treasurer will not be conducting the suspended June 2020 Annual Tax Sale in the month of April 2021.  The June 2020 Annual tax sale was originally suspended by Governor Reynolds’ Proclamation of Disaster Emergency on April 24, 2020.

Section 98 of the Proclamation signed on July 24, 2020 says: Consistent with Iowa Code 446.28 the county treasurer shall have the sole discretion to determine if any tax sale in a county that was not held in June can be held in a particular month or must be further delayed.

Iowa Code 446.28 – Subsequent sale says: If for good cause, a parcel cannot be advertised and offered for sale on the third Monday of June or another date in June designated by the treasurer, the county treasurer shall make the sale on the third Monday of the next succeeding month in which the required notice can be given.

Covid19 health risks that triggered the original proclamation still continues to raise health concerns for holding a tax sale.


Brenda Kreitzer

Winneshiek County Treasurer