Winneshiek County Board of Health Member

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Winneshiek County Board of Health Member Job Description


The Vision Statement of the Winneshiek County Board of Health is:   Leaders in Health

The Mission of Winneshiek County Public Health is:  To promote, preserve, enhance and protect the health and well-being of all persons in the community…realizing that HEALTH CARE is the fundamental right of every human being without distinction because of race, religion, sexual orientation, age, mental or physical disability, social or financial status.

The Winneshiek County Board of Health maintains a balanced board of professionals from the public and private sectors such as education and animal science.

Term: A county board of health (BOH) member’s term is for three years.  The member may be appointed to serve additional consecutive terms by the county board of supervisors.

Time Commitment:

  • Regular BOH meetings: are scheduled monthly.  Meeting time may vary and usually lasts one-two hours.  Time to prepared and/or follow-up for the BOH meeting may be an additional hour.
  • Special BOH meetings: may be scheduled during the year in addition to the regular meetings.  Special meetings usually focus on one agenda item and the length is often less than one hour.
  • Committees: BOH members may be asked to do committee work (research outside policies, fiscal, etc).  Committee work will vary for time involvement from a minimum of once a year for one-two hours or monthly for one-half hour to an hour.

Experience and Qualifications

  • Willingness to dedicate the time and energy to promote and protect the health of the public.
  • Willingness to learn about public health issues in the county, state and nation.
  • Ability to evaluate problems and support resolutions for public health issues.
  • Possess integrity and commitment for best practice.
  • Per Iowa Code, local board of health membership requires at least one member to be a medically licensed physician (MD or DO), physician assistant, or advanced registered nurse practitioner to oversee medical duties of the board.
  • Iowa Code also states that members of a local board of health should have experience or education related to the core public health functions (see attached), essential public health services (see attached), public health, environmental health services, personal health services, population-based services, or community-based initiatives.

Expectations of Board Members:

Board members fulfill the expectations of their membership in the following areas:

  • Regular attendance at board meetings
  • Active participation in board of health meetings
  • Respect for a gender equitable board make-up
  • Commitment to ongoing board of health education that assists the members to appropriately carry out their duties/responsibilities
  • Involvement in recruitment efforts for an orientation of new BOH members
  • Regular BOH evaluation
  • Disclose possible conflicts of interest
  • Communication and Advocacy:
    • Communicate public health issues in the county to the board of health;
    • Communicate public health issues and solutions to county residents;
    • Advocate with county officials for public health infrastructure and financial support;
    • Share public health information with individuals and groups about the mission and purpose of public health.

Responsibilities of the Board:

  • Understanding of and compliance with legal responsibilities and regulations including but not limited to, open meetings laws
  • Understanding of and compliance with financial responsibilities and regulations
  • Understanding of and commitment to its mission and vision
  • Strategic planning
  • Develops public policy with due consideration and agency policy when appropriate
  • Adherence to the core public health functions
  • Delegates implementation of agency policy to administrator (when appropriate)
  • Selects and employs the administrator (when appropriate)

Applications due by May 31 at Winneshiek County Auditor’s office. 


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