Winneshiek County Jail

To contact the Winneshiek County Jail call 563-387-4096.

The Winneshiek County Jail opened in October 2000 and is a 40-bed facility.  The jail houses inmates awaiting trial and serving time for state, county, and municipal offenses.  Additionally, the jail houses overflow inmates for other jurisdictions.  The jail currently employs 13 full-time jailers.

The mission of the Winneshiek County Jail is to provide safe, secure, and constitutional detention of both sentenced and pre-trial detainees placed in the facility by the courts.

Public and Criminal fingerprints are done on Wednesdays by appointment only. Please call the jail for more information and scheduling your appointment. 563-387-4096

Mail can be sent to inmates at the following address:

  • (inmate’s name)
    Winneshiek County Jail
    400 Claiborne Drive
    Decorah, IA 52101

This is the same address for sending money.

All incoming and outgoing mail shall have the complete forwarding address on the front center of the envelope and the complete return address on the front upper left hand of the envelope.

Any letter without a return address will be considered non-deliverable and will be returned to the post office.

There will be no graffiti, written or picture style, anywhere on the envelopes.

Money orders or certified cashier’s checks, filled out with the inmate’s name, can be sent through the mail.  (DO NOT MAIL CASH)

Using the kiosk in the jail lobby by depositing cash or using a credit/debit card.

Or go to

If an inmate has been transported to prison, the inmate will have the opportunity to have their property picked up by a designated person. This will only occur after the inmate has left our facility.

If the inmate has left our facility, for a placement elsewhere ie, another jail, their property will go with them at time of transfer.

An inmate may request to have personal property released to a specified person that is not incarcerated.

You need to call the Winneshiek County Jail at (563) 387-4096.

What you can bring in to the jail:

  • Money—cash, money orders, and/or cashier’s checks
  • Room and Board fees of $60.00 per day. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS.  We only accept cash, money orders, cashier’s checks, debit/credit cards.
  • Current prescriptions in original bottles.

Schedule and sign up is at CIDNET

Information regarding room and boarding fees at the Winneshiek County Jail

  • Room and board is $60 per day.
  • Only cash, money orders, cashier’s checks, debt or credit cards are accepted. NO PERSONAL CHECKS.
  • Payments can be dropped off or mailed to:
    Winneshiek County Jail
    400Claiborne Drive
    Decorah,Iowa 52101
    *Please do not mail cash.

To obtain the following, contact 563-277-5220

  • Balance due
  • Adjust payment plan
  • Get copy of payment plan

Failure to keep payment arrangements will result in any or all of the following:

  • Driver’s license revocation
  • Refusal to renew vehicle registration
  • Withholding of Iowa State Income Tax refund
  • Contempt of Court charges
  • Garnishments/Executions of Wages/Assets
  • Liens on Real Property
  • Forfeiture of money owed to you by Clerk of Court
  • Collection by County Attorney

To get an inmate out of jail prior to final court disposition you can utilize either of two methods.

  1. Post cash bond
  2. Post bond through a bonding agency

Cash Bond: During regular business hours take cash to the Winneshiek County Courthouse, 2nd floor, and present the cash to the Clerk of Courts.  A certificate will be given to you verifying the bond is paid.  Bring certificate to the Winneshiek County Jail and give it to the jailer.  After regular business hours, bring the cash directly to the Winneshiek County Jail or go to Debit/credit cards are accepted at the jail ONLY.

Bonding Agency: To post bond utilizing a bonding agency, you need to contact one of the various agencies in the area.  The phone numbers for the agencies can be found in the phone book.  The bonding agencies will work with you and come up with the terms and conditions of posting bond for an inmate’s release.  The bonding agencies are completely separate from the Winneshiek County Sheriff’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office does not recommend or discredit any bonding agency.

Setup a CIDNET account for local visits or remote visits with an inmate or call 1-866-476-6723.  CIDNET setup:

Download CIDNET Friends & Family Brochure:

No phone cards can be brought in the jail from the public.

VINE – Victim Information Notification Everyday
VINE is the nation’s leading victim notification network. It allows survivors, victims of crime, and other concerned citizens to access timely and reliable information about offenders or criminal cases in U.S. jails and prisons.  Register to receive automated notifications via email, text, or phone call, or check custody status information online at any time.  Available in 48 states and covering 2,900 incarceration facilities, VINE is a lifesaving service that offers peace of mind to millions of people every day.
Register here:

The Winneshiek County Jail is proud to be partnered with:

  • Northeast Iowa Community College—Assisting inmates getting HSED, formerly known as GED
  • Integrated Telehealth Partners—Mental health evaluations and medications.
  • County Social Services—Financial support for mental health services while in custody and after release.
  • Winneshiek County Public Health—COVID-19 testing and COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Manpower—Providing job opportunities for inmates who are unemployed and finished serving time or awaiting space at a residential facility where employment is a requirement.