Weapon Permits

The Winneshiek County Sheriff’s Office strongly recommends obtaining a weapon permit for those wishing to purchase or carry firearms.  Having a weapon permit will assist with ease of purchasing firearms, and will be required for reciprocity with other states.

Application for Permit to Acquire Firearms

Cost: $25

  • A Permit to acquire is recommended to purchase a firearm.
  • Applicants must be age 21 or over to apply for the permit.
  • This permit is valid for 5 years.
  • Applicants may not obtain a permit to acquire if you have ever been convicted of a felony, domestic abuse assault, or have been adjudicated as a mental defective.

Application for Permit to Carry Firearms

Cost $50

  • Applicants must be age 18 or over for a professional permit to carry (work related)
  • Applicants must be age 21 or over for a nonprofessional permit to carry a concealed weapon
  • Applicants will be disqualified for obtaining a permit to carry if one or more of the following pertains:
    – A convicted felon
    – Addicted to alcohol
    – Convicted of a Misdemeanor assault conviction (non domestic violence related) committed within prior three years, except for those involving a firearm or explosive.
    – Intent – assault involving firearm is a lifetime disqualifier
    – Convicted of a Misdemeanor crime of domestic abuse assault
    – Adjudicated as a mental defective
  • Applicants will need to complete an application for a permit to carry concealed weapons in the county of which the applicant resides.
  • Applicants will need to have a valid photo ID with your current address information.
  • Applicants will be asked to provide proof of Firearms training that has occurred in the last 24 months or provide one of the following:
    – Any National Rifle Association handgun safety training course
    – Any handgun safety course available to the general public utilizing instructors certified by the NRA or the Iowa law Enforcement Academy, another state’s department of public safety, state police department, or similar certifying body.
    – Any handgun safety training course offered for security guards, investigators, special deputies, or any other division or subdivision of a law enforcement or security enforcement agency approved by the Iowa department or public safety
    – or completion of small arms training while serving with the armed forces of the United States as evidenced by any of the following; for personnel released or retired from active duty, in possession of an honorable discharge or general discharge under honorable conditions (DD-214 form)
    – For personnel on active duty or serving in one of the National Guard or reserve components of the armed forces of the United States, possession of a certificate of completion of basic training with a service record of successful completion of small arms training and qualification.
  • Completion of a law enforcement agency firearms training course that qualifies a peace officer to carry a firearm in the normal course of the peace officer’s duties

Renewal Application For Permit to Carry Weapons

Cost $25

  • Must apply within 30 days of your expiration date OR within 30 days after your expiration
  • Applicants must show permit to carry
  • Applications must provide drivers license

Chapter 724 of the Iowa Code and Administrative Rules, 661, Chapter 91 contain information on Iowa’s weapon laws and the issuance of weapon permits in Iowa.  Further information about weapon permits in Iowa may be obtained by contacting the Program Services Bureau of the Department in one of the following ways:

U.S. Mail:
Weapon Permits
Program Services Bureau
Administrative Services Division
Iowa Department of Public Safety
Department of Public Safety Building
215 East 7th Street, 4th Floor
Des Moines, IA 50319-0045
Electronic Mail:
Telephone: (515) 725-6230
Fax: (515) 725-6264