Winneshiek County Recycling

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Accepted/Unaccepted Materials

Product: CardboardAccepted: Basic corrugated boxes or sheets, cereal boxes, or similar containers. Brown paper sacks and brown Kraft paper packaging are also considered to be cardboard. Please remove all Styrofoam, plastic bags, and any other packaging. Staples, tape, and labels are OK to leave on.Unaccepted: Milk or juice cartons, drink boxes, plastic or wax coated boxes, or any cardboard contaminated with oil.
Product: PaperAccepted: Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, office paper, egg cartons, phone books, junk mail, paperback books, and shredded paper. Please deliver hard cover books directly to the recycling center as they need to be processed separately from all other forms of paper.Unaccepted: Paper towels, plates, or cups, toilet paper, wall paper, waxed paper, Christmas wrap.
Product: PlasticAccepted: Items stamped with #1 or #2, such as milk jugs, soap bottles, buckets, water bottles, clam shells, dairy supply barrels and drums.Unaccepted: Styrofoam, plastic bags, toys, vinyl siding, lawn edging, PVC pipe, plastic feed sacks, films, rubber, carpet, foam, silage bags, Tyvek, field tile, bubble wrap, or motor oil containers.
Product: MetalAccepted: Tin cans, pop cans, aluminum foil, frying pans, bicycles, license plates, lawn mowers, tread mills, brass items, electrical cords, electric motors, power tools, Christmas lights, bed frames, and wall chargers.Unaccepted: Nails and screws. These escape all containment systems and cause major damage to equipment.
Product: GlassAccepted: Glass is only accepted directly at the recycling center. Please do not put it in the recycling bins as it contaminants everything else and is a major safety hazard.Unaccepted:

All Material must be placed in bins loose. Absolutely nothing can be left in bags or boxes. Bagged material will be sent to the landfill.