Winneshiek County Emergency Management

Mission Statement

Assist the citizens of Winneshiek County with emergency and disaster mitigation, planning, response and recovery. This effort is accomplished through planning, training and exercising in partnership with public safety responders, elected officials, and the public.

About Emergency Management

Emergency Management Coordinators work for a Commission.  The Commission members, per Iowa Code, is defined as each Mayor from within the county, one member of the county Board of Supervisors and the county Sheriff.  Per Iowa Code, every county in Iowa has an Emergency Manager.

The Winneshiek County Emergency Management Commission and its Agency is to provide coordination of all response and recovery agencies serving in the county; to assist in the development and training of these agencies to meet their respective mission goals; and to develop and maintain strategies that will sustain safe communities and a viable economic system from natural, technological, or human-caused threats or hazards.

Duties of the Emergency Management Coordinator

The Emergency Management Coordinator, on behalf of the Winneshiek County Emergency Management Commission, shall provide guidance and policies concerning the development of readiness in emergencies along with other minimum duties as outlined below:

  1. Develop and maintain a countywide emergency management program.
  2. Provide for countywide comprehensive hazard identification.
  3. Provide planning for mitigation of natural, technological, and man-made disasters which could affect Winneshiek County.
  4. Responsible for the development of proposed annual budget for the Winneshiek County Emergency Management Commission.
  5. Administrator for the Winneshiek County 911 Communications Center.
  6. Develop/establish or maintain a countywide warning system.
  7. Provide for a countywide response agency capability assessment.
  8. Promote coordinated and cooperative agreements for mutual aid among the emergency response organizations and public safety agencies in Winneshiek County.
  9. Promote emergency management programs among the emergency response organizations, public safety agencies and communities in Winneshiek County.
  10. Develop standard operating procedures for the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and supervise the EOC operations.
  11. In the absence of any Emergency Management Commission members, function as an Agent for the Commission in response to emergency incidents and events.
  12. Maintain an inventory of resources (resource management).
  13. Assisting local public safety departments (e.g., fire, police, emergency medical services (EMS) and public works) with training and/or special needs (e.g., coordinating or teaching specific training programs, assisting with the purchasing (as budget allows) or acquisition of specific specialized equipment, etc.).
  14. Be an active member of the Northeast Iowa Regional Emergency Planning Committee (NEIREPC).
  15. Be an active member of the Northeast Iowa Response Group (NIRG).
  16. Be an active member of the Winneshiek County E911 Board.
  17. Be an active member of the Winneshiek County Fire Association.
  18. Be an active member of the Winneshiek County EMS Association.
  19. Train or promote the training for all local government officials and employees in the county on the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command (IC).
  20. Arranging or participating in exercises to give key officials practice in directing coordinated operations under simulated emergency conditions in accordance with the Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEMD) annual training requirements.
  21. Providing expert knowledge and advice to operating departments on special conditions and operating requirements that would be imposed by peacetime or attack disasters (e.g. effects of tornados, blizzards, floods, and nuclear weapons).
  22. Coordinating and leading in development of local government emergency operations plans.
  23. Coordinating and leading emergency communications planning, securing necessary equipment and exercising emergency communications.
  24. Coordinating with healthcare agencies to develop emergency medical plans and capabilities as part of local emergency plans.
  25. Establishing a local shelter(s) system.
  26. Establishing, training, and exercising the emergency public information system to get survival advice and information to the public before, during and after peacetime or attack disasters (including establishing relationships with local news media; radio, TV, social media, and newspapers).
  27. Coordinating with The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, and other voluntary non-profit groups to develop emergency welfare capabilities to care for people needing mass care because of disasters.
  28. Coordinating and maintaining relationships with local industry to develop industrial emergency plans and capabilities related to local government emergency plans.
  29. Coordinating and participating in training programs on emergency preparedness.
  30. Securing matching funds and other assistance (e.g., federal grants) available through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other state/federal programs.
  31. Coordination of resource management within political jurisdictions in Winneshiek County and with other local, state, and federal agencies.
  32. Provide for procedures to coordinate Federal Disaster Assistance programs regarding disasters or disaster aid for the public and private sector.
  33. Provide for mutual aid use of resources (manpower, facilities, equipment, etc.) between political jurisdictions of the county.
  34. Update the required Emergency Support Functions (ESF) annually.
  35. Provide for any other emergency operations deemed necessary by the state, county, and city governments; within the policy and scope of the Commission’s responsibility as judged by the Commission.
  36. Complete at minimum 24 hours of annual continuing education.  Twelve (12) of those hours shall be emergency management specific.
  37. Attend necessary continuing education to maintain all current certifications (e.g., hazardous materials, fire, law enforcement, EMS, etc.).
  38. Complete the Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) application and quarterly reports annually unless otherwise told by the Commission.
  39. The Emergency Management Coordinator, or designee, shall be available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to allow for 24-hour communications with the HSEMD, local public safety personnel and key local officials.
  40. Other duties as assigned by the Commission.


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