2022 Primary Election

The 2022 Primary Election will be held June 7, 2022.

Polls will be open from 7:00am – 8:00pm.

Absentee Voting by mail begins May 18th.  Voting by mail will be available through May 23rd.

Absentee Voting in the Auditor’s Office begins May 18th.  Voting in the Auditor’s Office will be available through June 6th.

Absentee Ballot Request


Polling Sites:

PCT 1: Fremont, Burr Oak, Orleans, Bluffton, and Madison Townships – North Winn School

PCT 2: Hesper, Highland, Canoe, Pleasant, and Glenwood Townships – North Winn School

PCT 3: Decorah Ward 1 and the part of Decorah Township in Supervisor District 2 – Courthouse Annex

PCT 4: Decorah Ward 2 – Courthouse Annex

PCT 5: Decorah Ward 3A (the part of Ward 3 in Supervisor District 2) – First Lutheran Church

PCT 6: Decorah Ward 3B (the part of Ward 3 in Supervisor District 3) – First Lutheran Church

PCT 7: Decorah Ward 4 – Good Shepherd Church

PCT 8: Decorah Ward 5 – Good Shepherd Church

PCT 9: Springfield Township and the part of Decorah Township in Supervisor District 4 – Courthouse Annex

PCT 10: Frankville, Bloomfield, and Military Townships – Ossian Community Center

PCT 11: Calmar, Washington, and Jackson Townships – Calmar Lutheran Church

PCT 12: Lincoln and Sumner Townships – Ridgeway Community Center


Voters are reminded of changes in Election Law that now requires Proof of Identity to vote.

If you are registered to vote at your current address, please have one of the following forms of ID ready when you go to the polls:

– Iowa Driver’s License (or DOT issued Non-Driver ID Card)

– Passport

– Military or Veteran ID Card

– Voter ID Card (only issued to registered voters without a Drivers License or DOT ID)

If you are not registered to vote, or have moved since your last registration, you will need to provide proof of identification and proof of residency.  For a complete list of acceptable documents, contact the County Auditor at (563) 382-5085 or auditor@co.winneshiek.ia.us.  Or, visit  sos.iowa.gov for more information.

Sample Ballots:

Precinct 1:
PCT 1 Dem
PCT 1 Rep

Precinct 2:
PCT 2 Dem
PCT 2 Rep

Precinct 3:
PCT 3 Dem
PCT 3 Rep

Precinct 4:
PCT 4 Dem
PCT 4 Rep

Precinct 5:
PCT 5 Dem
PCT 5 Rep

Precinct 6:
PCT 6 Dem
PCT 6 Rep

Precinct 7:
PCT 7 Dem
PCT 7 Rep

Precinct 8:
PCT 8 Dem
PCT 8 Rep

Precinct 9:
PCT 9 Dem
PCT 9 Rep

Precinct 10:
PCT 10 Dem
PCT 10 Rep

Precinct 11:
PCT 11 Dem
PCT 11 Rep

Precinct 12:
PCT 12 Dem
PCT 12 Rep