Victims Rights

If registered as a victim, you will be notified of the following by the County Attorney’s office:

  1. Dates and times of court appearances which require your attendance.
  2. Notice of cancellations or postponements of expected court proceedings that require your attendance.
  3. The possibility of assistance through the Crime Victim Compensation Program.
  4. The right, pursuant to Iowa Code Section 915, to restitution of pecuniary losses suffered as a result of a crime.
  5. Your right to make a written or oral impact statement at the time of sentencing.
  6. Notice of any plea agreements related to the crime for which you are a victim.

Also, as a registered victim, the following departments will notify you:

  1. Clerk of District Court notifies of the outcome of the case in which the victim was involved. May advise of any orders regarding custody or confinement if applicable.
  2. Police or County Sheriff is required to advise a victim of the right to register with the County Attorney and to provide a registration form to each victim. The County Sheriff or other person in charge of a jail or detention facility notifies registered victims of; offender’s release from custody on bail and terms and conditions of the release, final release from local custody, escape from custody and transfer from local custody to custody in another facility.
  3. Department of Justice notifies registered victims of the filing of an appeal, the expected decision date and the outcome of the case.
  4. Department of Corrections and Board of Parole. If the person is in prison, notification of changes in status including escape, expected release date and parole hearings are given.

The Victim Rights Act in chapter 915 of the Iowa code went into effect January 1, 1999 (formerly 910A). If you would like to receive this information, please complete the Victim Registration form and

return it to the Law Enforcement Officer or County Attorney’s office immediately. If there are any

changes in your address or phone number, please notify the County Attorney’s office as soon as possible.

You are entitled to sign a Victim Impact Statement for the Court to review prior to sentencing and ordering of restitution, or you may personally appear and present an Oral Victim Impact Statement to the Court.

If you incurred out of pocket expenses as a result of a crime, you can request restitution from the defendant. If you feel you may have eligible out of pocket expenses, please contact the Victim Witness Coordinator.

You may be eligible to receive compensation from the Iowa Crime Victim Assistance program. You may contact the Victim Witness Coordinator to get a brochure. If you feel it applies to you, complete the form and return it. We will forward it to the Attorney General’s office for processing.

If you have any questions regarding the criminal justice system, please feel free to contact our Victim Witness Coordinator Kari Iverson, 563-382-2959.