Public Health Administrator’s March 1 COVID Update

  1. Vaccine
    1. Counties/entities shoold have received vaccine last week
    2. Janssen product by Johnson & Johnson has been approved
    3. Iowa will receive 25,000 doses currently being earmarked for 17 counties with large manufacturing
    4. Anticipated allocations to Iowa: 31,590 doses of Pfizer; 30,400 doses of Moderna; 25,600 doses of Janssen. Of those numbers, local public health allocations: 23,400 Pfizer; 30,400 Moderna; 25,600 Janssen.
  2. Vaccination Plans
    1. IDPH plans to continue with the February allocation amounts thru mid-March.
    2. Governor’s office commented that administration of vaccine was down the past 2 weeks—reminder: there was 1 week in which NO vaccine was shipped (hard to give what you don’t have) and states/counties are having to play “catch up” this past week into this week.
    3. Completing a survey for those groups in Tier 2. Based on entities, numbers, logistics and safety in Phase 1b, Tier 2 having to consider all options in getting vaccine into arms.
  3. Numbers
    1. 30 new cases last week
    2. According to 4300 Winneshiek County residents vaccinated==21.6%
  4. Messaging
    1. Continue to upload weekly press releases (sent out on Wednesdays) to county webpage